The WelteMax Effect

What is WelteMax?

WelteMax started out as a private pianola collection focused on superb musical performance. The spirit with which the collection was brought together was not only to enjoy these wonderful pieces of industrial history, but more so to explore the great amount of musical possibilities. The main focus of WelteMax is not so much the total restoring of an instrument, but the fine-tuning.  A good example of this focus by WelteMax is the excellent fine tuning of The Welte-Mignon.


Personal Info

  • +31 6 83578504
  • Karolingersweg 106, 3962 AL, Wijk bij Duurstede NL


Fine tuning the Welte-Mignon

One of the great strengths of WelteMax is the fine-tuning of the Welte-Mignon reproducing apparatus. With great care and lots of studie and experimentation, WelteMax can adjust your Welte-Mignon to such a high level, it will astound any concert pianist!

The Dutch Pianola Society

WelteMax is not only a quality brand for fine-tuning instruments, but also a collection.The Dutch Pianola Society houses this fine collection of unique and high quality mechanical instruments. Varying form the only known Philipps Duca kabinet player, a superb Welte-Mignon push up build in 1926,a Steinway "O" pianola grand and many more make this collection worth while to visit!  We are open every 1st sunday of the month or by appointment.


You can also book a Welte concert for your event! Have the most famous pianists play works of there own and others and have your audience stunned! Concerts are always arranged on "tailor made" convenience. Please contact us to discus the details of the venue and get the most out of your event!


If you have any questions regarding WelteMax, it's services or anything else: please contact us thru this form! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

The Orchestrions

Now you can not only marvel at the beautiful pianola's from the WelteMax collection, but also take a dive in the café on the roaring 20's! At the moment we have two special guest instruments in the collection that were specially build for filling the most luxurious café's and bars with music of the long forgotten past! Come and listen to the Hupfeld Animatic-Clavitist (-S) piano or enjoy the sounds of the big Imhoff & Mukle Orchestrion!



Due to having to move the museum to a new location the museum is closed till further notice. You can still visit the collection by appointment.

  Yours Sincerely, Max Lakeman, Head master of the Pianola Society.           historyjpgs_camel